Game Update Update #8 - Bug Fixes, QoL


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Jul 14, 2019

Hey everyone,

Just a small little update for today to address what I consider to be some high-priority bugs.
  • Added Twisted Bow effect from OSRS. For exact information, check out the OSRS wiki page found here. I emulated it exactly, even the Chambers of Xeric cap modifier. This is a massive buff which should make the Twisted bow actually relevant.
  • Added the ability to make extended super antifire potions, which work identical to OSRS; we plan on adding more ways to obtain lava scale shards in the very near future to make it easier to make these potions.
  • Two new achievements revolving around tournaments have been added in order to bolster participation and prepare for the OSRS GP tournament events that we plan on hosting very soon.
  • Reworked the Crystal Key Chest, which should be much more rewarding and valued for players.
  • Fixed one last bug causing nulled Grand Exchange acounts, which will now fix ALL the affected accounts.
  • Fixed, once again, the wilderness lever at home not working.
  • Fixed a bug in which players would could get unexpectedly locked upon doing certain skilling actions
  • Fixed Infernal pickaxe smelting Adamant bar when actually mining Rune.
  • Added Crushed nests to Sigmund the Merchant's shop (for ironmen as well) for 1450 coins each.
  • Added Jugs of water to Sigmund the Merchant's ironmen shop for 35 coins each.
  • Fixed achievement category capitalization in the journal interface.

That's it! Expect a lot more to come soon. We are aware of some of the issues with RuneLite/launcher not functioning properly, and I'll address many of these things hopefully in our next update.

Thanks everyone!
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Sep 4, 2019
Teleported to Experiments on one account a few days ago. The account won't load anymore (is that what the effect of Nulled is?)


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Jul 18, 2019
Awesome cant wait to get back home to play again!


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Sep 9, 2019
In terms of adding more ways for lava scales you guys could make slayer care packages that players can obtain from doing their slay task. Like on osrs during dmm, you could get supply drops randomly. Would be nice to see this kind of concept in-game to make supplies more prevalent! Great post though, appreciate the effort!