Update #4 - Galvek and More Bug/QoL Fixes

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Jul 14, 2019

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for your patience with this update; I wanted to make sure I hit a lot of the major bugs/suggestions. Please note that we know that are so many more bugs to fix, and we are aware of all of them. We actually plan on tasking our new developer @Vali with focusing solely on these fixes, and he is very excited to get started. In addition to this, I'm pleased to announce that progress with Grand Exchange is going very well, and we will keep all of you updated.

Having said all of this, I hope you all gain something from this update!

Runite's newest boss, Galvek, is now available for those who are brave enough to fight it!
  • Miscellaneous
    • With the introduction of Galvek, the Elvarg boss is now removed (several reasons for this).
    • Galvek's ship can only be accessed through a row boat found in the wilderness at level 16. The easiest way to get here is by teleporting to Level 18 - East Dragons in the wilderness teleports and running east. If players are not happy with this method of accessing a boss, we can look into alternative methods in the future. Namely, perhaps an amulet dropped by Galvek that offers direct access, or being able to unlock a teleport after 35 or so kills of the boss.
    • Drop Table
      • Galvek's drop table is a modified version of Elvarg's that also features some items from Vorkath. It was designed to be rewarding for normal players and irons alike, while also not taking too much away from Vorkath.
      • It always drops two superior dragon bones and a red dragonhide. Similar to Vorkath, Galvek is a challenging and long boss fight (8 - 12 minutes), so these drops can be easily justified.
      • Since the drop table was initially inspired by Elvarg's, Galvek's unique drop is the Dragonhunter Crossbow, but it also drops the Draconic Visage and some miscellaneous dragon items.\
      • More in-depth information about the drop table can be found in-game by viewing the bestiary section of the quest tab, where it has been added a commonly viewed table.
      • We will closely monitor player feedback on this drop table, so please let us know what you think needs to be changed.
    • Galvek is an instanced, one-on-one, dangerous boss fight (players can still retrieve their item from the Death Storage).
  • Fight Mechanics
    • Galvek's mechanics function nearly identical to OSRS, featuring every form and its corresponding special attacks.
    • Galvek's bonuses and stats have been taken directly from the OSRS wiki. He has high combat and defensive stats.
    • Fire Form - Fire Trap Attack:
      • The Fire form begins the fight and lasts until Galvek dips below 900 health (of 1200 total).
      • Galvek charges up and releases eight fire traps, which each persist for around 25 - 30 ticks. These acts like mines and deal very high damage, basically one-hitting any target to step within one tile of them.
      • This attack can only occur within Galvek's first form (Earth), and the traps automatically detonate if Galvek switches forms suddenly.
    • Air Form - Drain Attack:
      • The Air form begins when Galvek dips below 900 health, and ends when he dips below 600 (of 1200 total).
      • In addition to the various standard attacks (explained below), Galvek may also release an attack that drains players' prayer and run energy during this form. It's therefore recommended to bring stamina and super restore potions.
    • Water Form - Tsunami Attack:
      • Galvek's Water form begins When he dips below 600 health, and ends when he dips below 300 (of 1200 total).
      • Galvek charges up and releases 11 projectiles that summon tsunami waves vertically across the ship. This is enough to cover the entirety of the ship, with the exception of one gap which is randomly determined each time. Players must quickly find the gap and position themselves as to not hit the waves. Players should turn off auto-retaliate during this phase to not accidentally move when positioned properly.
    • Earth Form - Boulder Attack:
      • Galvek hurls a boulder projectile at the player's current position. If the player does not move away in time, the boulder will stun the player for 3 ticks.
      • If a player is stunned by a boulder during this phase, the fire arc attack (explained below) has a much higher chance of being fired, which would literally one-hit the player.
      • Galvek can melee the target if it gets too close, which ignores defence and prayer.
    • Standard Attacks (all forms):
      • Dragonfire: Galvek's most basic attacks consist of two dragonfire attacks, a standard red one, and a purple one that also disables all of the player's prayers.
      • Magic: Galvek fires a white projectile that deals magic damage.
      • Ranged: Galvek fires a red projectile that deals ranged damage.
      • Melee: If a target gets too close, Galvek can attack with melee (ignore prayer and defence).
      • Fire Arc Attack: Galvek fires up and launches an arced fire attack towards a target location. If the player remains on that target location, he/she is almost always one-hit. If the player remains within one tile of that location, he/she suffers only half of the damage. This attack can happen on any Galvek form, and can be especially lethal in it's Earth form (for reasons explained above).

  • The several bugs with instances should now be fixed, which caused random bosses and npcs to appear in their incorrect instances.
  • Added Death Runes to Sigmund the Merchant's iron man shop.
  • Fixed a bug causing raids chambers to not render properly, presumably related to the bug above.
  • Iron men can now visit and purchase from the Void Knight Commendation and Kolodin Mage Bank shops.
  • Participants' special attack, run energy, health, and boosted stats are now properly restored upon completion of a Pest Control game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused participants to sometimes not receive Void Knight Commendation points even when having enough participation points.
  • Fixed a few other Pest Control bugs that may have contributed to games not ending, or portals being unkillable.
  • Added common farming patch teleports to the Runite Wizard due to popular demand (Skilling -> Farming).
  • Alphabetized several out-of-order teleports from the Runite Wizard for easier searching and access.
  • Removed incorrect icons from news and global announcements, and restyled the appearance.
  • Uncut Onyx has been removed from the Wall Safe drop table.
  • Reduced the dosages for potions in Sigmund the Merchant's from (4) to (3) shop; the prices for each will REMAIN THE SAME.
  • Added Ghostly robes to the Wise Old Man's magic armory shop.
  • Added Monk's Robes to Sigmund The Merchant's shop.
  • Added the Bounty Hunter Teleport Scroll to the wilderness shop for 10,000 points.
  • Fixed item prices for Runite and Adamant bolts from the Bow and Arrow salesman.
  • Reduced the price-per-item of the Angler's outfit in the Alry Pearl Exchange from 100 to 35.
  • Entering a Raid for the first time now restores participants special, run energy, health, and cures venom.
  • Fixed a bug in Vasa Nistirio and Vespula chambers that would cause players to (rarely) just get randomly logged out.
  • Added a tournament information sign next to the Tournament Manager at home, which will display the time remaining until the next tournament and give other miscellaneous information.


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Jul 28, 2019
Mostly hyped for the farming teleported, after i got it 99 though haha. Great work on all the bug fixes and new boss. Honestly more work than i expected to be done so soon after the poll. Great work keep it up Andy!


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Jul 26, 2019
Great update, keep them coming.
Only thing I think should be changed is to remove the canifis farming teleport as ectophial can be unlocked in achievements for that patch.