Events 23.9.19-6.10.19


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Jul 29, 2019

Hi all, So the following events will be split across the next 2 weeks, all events i will try and make fair for everyone to be involved in all time zones.


Wednesday 25th:

24 hour double exp starting around 9am GMT, will be random trivia throughout the day for random prizes to the first people to answer them.

Friday 27th:

Late night raid event - Starting around 8pm GMT, great for people who haven't done raids before and potentially earn some good loot, with some HnS after. for bonus rewards.

Monday 30th-6th October:

I will be yelling a random letters/number for each day, the person who comes at me with all letters/numbers on the sunday will win a prize with 2nd and 3rd prizes also being rewarded, make sure you log in each day :), Double exp weekend will also be active.

Thanks for taking the time to read, if you have any questions message me on discord or in game.

More events will be announced with upcoming content soon :), stay tuned and see you in runite :).

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Sep 8, 2019
Double xp weekend isn't active and given the # of times I've planned to play during double xp and logged on to see it off is getting a bit frustrating given I play classic and the grind is slow as fuckkkk. Please activate ASAP